I want to befriend people in my town but like ugh you all SUCK at being nice people

If you love me you’ll help me beg its-bobsled-time to text me back haha

I know, you’re tired

bandbg:  Ask him if he wants FWB?

No because it’d break my heart to see him with anyone else. I’m a selfish little girl and I deserve to be alone and that is literally the truth

twankiez:  Kitten if you want to get back with him fucking tell him TELL HIM YA FEELINGS GIRL. DO IT. GO. GO GO GO GOGOGOGOGO

I have 😔 problem is I told him exactly how I feel-I don’t care about him or his feelings. I’ll happily cheat on him and not even care, and I’ll expect him to be fine with it. That’s not a relationship. I can’t be in a rel. at the minute and it really fucking sucks.

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Anonymous:  You'll never have a boyfriend because you're and ugly fat cum dumpster slut whore bitch.


Anonymous:  Get your tits out, get your knickers off, let's fuck then we can talk about it!

😔 okay

Anonymous:  You and kitty are amazing





Cheers :)


I’m better